An immersion in entrepreneurship located in one of the fastest growing Research Parks in the nation.

Cohort X

Frugi Biotechnology

Frugi Biotechnology provides an efficient, frugal cell-free protein synthesis platform for drug discovery companies with fast turnaround times and higher titers.


MacroLei Technologies

MacroLei makes a soybean-based rubber for asphalt which provides a longer-lasting, smoother ride from renewable materials costing less than the petroleum alternatives saving contractors and terminals money while reducing their carbon footprint.


Lineage Mapper

Lineage Mapper is a mapping and application design company that helps people build engaging and meaningful family legacies by leveraging the geographic information already present in their family history data.



For companies that create enzyme-based products, Zymosense can help you get to the market faster and reduce the cost of getting there by 25 – 50 percent.


Mosquitos & Me

Mosquitoes & Me is bringing mosquito science to life with stunning graphics and immersive interactive digital experiences. Whether it’s a backyard or a business, people around the world have the information they need to take the bite out of mosquito-borne disease.


Rosenberg Solutions

For wind farm operators who want to increase the return on their investment, Rosenberg Solutions can find and eliminate adverse wake effects using their innovative aerodynamic simulation software, allowing customers to increase lifetime energy production by as much as 5%.


Stratified Surface Solutions

Stratified Surface Solutions produces particles that make architectural paint easier to apply without surface prep and more efficient with 30% less drying time.



easywrap is a kitchen tool that transforms any salad into beautiful lettuce wraps to help those interested in convenience, gourmet, and healthy-eating experience a new way for making, storing, and bringing a fresh meal anywhere.

Cohort IX

Cyber Manufacturing and Metrology Solution, LLC

CM2S is a start-up consulting firm at Iowa with a commitment to excellence in the field of additive manufacturing, cyber-metrology and nondestructive testing and inspection. CM2S performs testing and inspection on a wide variety of fabricated structures as well as industrial and commercial products.



Iowa leads the nation in the production of corn, soybeans, pork, eggs, and ethanol. iO1 is developing a brand for products that primarily uses those commodities as their main ingredients.



Sushi3D helps product development teams create functional, testable prototypes in-house to increase speed to market. Their subtractive 3D printing technology allows for fully solid rapid prototyping in final production materials.


Novus Technologies

A biotechnology company which manufactures and distributes graphene for biomedical applications.


Peach Pay, Inc.

Peach Pay is a mobile app creating seamless checkout experiences for online shoppers.


Salin 247, Inc.

Salin 247 is an Iowa-based company developing small-scale, light-weight, electric-powered, autonomous farm equipment used for growing crops.



SoilSerdem produces soil fertility maps based on an optimized soil sampling method.


Transport Sect

Transport Sect is a developing a platform to detect malicious attacks on today’s connected and smart vehicles and alert vehicle owners to potential cyber security concerns.



VisiHut specializes in connecting building plans for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals with immersive, collaborative, and interactive experiences in augmented and virtual reality.


Honorary Cohort Member:

Pediatric Assistance

Pediatric Assistance is developing a point-of-care diagnostic device for infants that detects three major diseases — sepsis, jaundice, and hypoglycemia — in a single biochip.

Cohort VIII

AeroSeeder, LLC

AeroSeeder is a manufacturer for heavy lifting farming applications, concentrating on seeding of cover crops and spot spraying.



Brainsoft specializes in developing technologies for interacting with the human brain including software using brain waves to control physical objects.


FarmHand App

The FarmHand App giving farmers the ability to connect with “Farmhands” for day-to-day or seasonal employment.




FoMA is an online marketplace for peer-to-peer trading of perishable products like fruits and vegetables directly from consumers’ refrigerators.



Legov Systems Group

Legov Systems Group is developing scalable energy harvesting systems to convert thermal energy into electrical.


Quantum Control Works

Quantum Control Works commercializes the fruits of prior research and development into uniquely capable actuators.


Swarm Robotix

Swarm Robotix develops multi-robotic systems.



TdVib designs and manufactures technology-driven, high-value systems based on electromagnetics including magnetostrictive smart materials Terfenol-D and Galfenol.



WashWright is developing a hands-free system to automate swine producers’ power washing and sanitation process.

Cohort VII


Innoceleris is a biotechnology company specializing in the development and production of ready-to-use reagents for the diagnosis, monitoring and/or surveillance of infectious diseases in animal and humans by different techniques including traditional cell culture-base techniques, immunoassay-based techniques and molecular biology-based techniques.



Reecycling offers unique and profitable acid-free selective recovery from magnet-containing waste of rare earth elements (REEs) and cobalt, critical supplies for modern high-tech technologies.


Kundrat Industries

Kundrat Industries is currently developing NightShift, an innovative polymer additive manufacturing system designed for military and non-governmental aid organizations operating in remote austere environments.



CynoHub is building an Open Education Hub which empowers educators to share their knowledge and interact with students.



Hepheastuz provides faster, more cost effective and robust methods for 3D printing of metals and construction materials.


Minnehan Metal Works

Minnehan Metal Works is a small fabrication and truck modification business.


Paper Batteries



NeoVaxSyn is developing immunogens and optimizing vaccine technologies that can enable the body’s immune system to better target critical epitopes on viral surface antigens.


Anahita Water Group

Cohort VI

3D Health Solutions

3D Health Solutions is a 3-dimensional intestinal organoid assays for drug testing to improve predication of pre-clinical bioavailability tests.



homepainter is a home improvement marketplace where homeowners can easily and quickly explore painters, get quotes, and hire out their projects.



IdRamp transforms digital identity with blockchain based self sovereign identity management services. It gives people, organizations, and things the freedom to collect, carry and manage their own lifelong verifiable digital credentials.


Gym-n-Eat Crickets

Gym-n-Eat Crickets’ mission is to deliver a high-quality, highly sustainable source of protein from start-to-finish. By raising every cricket that goes in their products, they ensure that proper consideration is taken with the most ethical and efficient practices to maximize nutritional benefit while minimizing negative environmental impact.


Sublime Stericeuticals Corporation

Sublime Stericeuticals Corporation uses a novel, highly efficient process in the manufacture and packaging of freeze-dried drug products.


Kimle Aquaculture

Kimle Aquaculture produces algae-based recirculating aquaculture systems.

Cohort V

One Hop Shop

Wild Arc Technology

WildArc Technology is an innovative products startup business with the goal of improving people’s lives by making everyday tasks a little easier.


Nova Home Control Technologies

Nova’s smart lighting and electrical systems will provide an unprecedented user experience for home owners that is extremely affordable and simple to install, making it possible to bring home automation to the masses.​


Big Data in a Box

Big Data In a Box develops state of the art information technology solutions for organic farmers. Big Data In a Box supplies small, low power, self-contained, high availability systems that will enable organic farmers collect, retain, and use farm data for certification, compliance, operations planning, and improve market potential.



EnGeniousAg LLC designs, manufactures and deploys low-cost, instant readout, high-performance, field-based nutrient sensors for crops, soils and water, thereby improving agronomic management practices, increasing grower profitability and sustaining the environment.


Qi Learning

Cohort IV

Gross-Wen Technologies


AIQA seeks to establish the practical tools and theory to enable automatic, quality-assured manufacturing of advanced materials through the commercialization of Spatially Resolved Acoustic Spectroscopy (SRAS), and other state-of-the-art laser ultrasonic and complimentary nondestructive techniques.


Haber Technologies

Haber Technologies is generating technology to meet the demands of the 21st century farm. The company is currently focused on the post-harvest supply chain, targeting areas of grain drying, aeration and bin monitoring.


True 360

True 360 installs 360 cameras into zoo habitats and aquariums allowing for a more immersive webcam experience.


PK Biosciences


FloMetrix has developed an innovative technology to measure the flow of bulk granular material like seeds, grains, industrials and pharmaceutical.


Woof Rider

Woof Rider creates a safe and comfortable environment for both dogs and their owners while traveling in their personal vehicles. Exhibiting easy-to-use design, Woof Rider addresses previous issues from products already in the market.



NeuroImmunePharma aims to translate the new basic Parkinson research findings into novel therapeutic strategies that could slow down or cure Parkinson’s disease by altering immune and trophic support within the brain.



M2A uses its patented algae system to enhance the bioavailability of minerals to be used as a supplement in animal feed and human vitamins.


Deadeye BBQ

Deadeye uses innovative marketing techniques in an industry filled with traditional competitors to stand out in a crowded market. They currently produce two sauces and two seasonings that can be found at any Hy-Vee or Fareway across Iowa as well as on Amazon and their own website.

Cohort III

N-Sense, LLC

N-sense, LLC is developing a field mobile soil nitrate sensor system that can be used to measure soil nitrogen status and facilitate precision nitrogen fertilizer application thereby reducing nitrate loss to surface and ground water and fertilizer costs for farmers.


Tractor Zoom

Tractor Zoom is an online and mobile app marketplace specifically for agricultural machinery auctions.


Aloha Boomboxes

Aloha Boomboxes shifts the paradigm in semantics and functionality with its revolutionary sound emission and operating system. It bridges the gap between the future and present with an autonomous music listening experience. Aloha Boomboxes strives for simplicity while envisioning an experience that creates opportunity for all users to make a convenient music selection.


The Oh Ball

Conforming to the natural arch of the foot, The Oh Ball provides relief from foot pain and gives people their freedom.


Hurd Health Group

Hurd Health Group is a biomedical engineering research company currently developing a cardio assist device with a solid-state electromagnetic drive system.


Next Gen Care


IdeoPak helps create safe and sustainable packaging through real-time monitoring technology.


Optical Operations

Optical Operations is focused on delivering accurate, real- time information from industrial sites through an augmented reality interface, allowing worksite supervisors to view virtual recreations of the job-site form.

Cohort II


Nebullam helps both home and commercial growers operate efficiently and sustainably, by providing custom High Pressure Aeroponic technology, paired with data-driven, automating software.



ETALYC aims to improve quality of life in smart communities by using deep learning and big data analytics. The applications can vary from smart transportation systems to designing user friendly community spaces.


Infinium He

InfiniumHe will provide innovative solutions for the reclamation and recycling of helium.  The helium recycling apparatus will reclaim the helium gas from a Gas Chromatograph (GC) split valve/port and recycle it back to the GC instrument.  This apparatus will help decrease the usage of helium in the laboratory and provide long term cost savings.



NanoSpy, Inc. is a group of dynamic and driven science and technology professionals who thrive on conceptualizing, demonstrating and translating advanced materials for rapid, point-of-service biosensor development including those associated with soil quality, food safety, and animal/human health. NanoSpy, Inc. uses carbon nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing to develop these low-cost nanostructured sensors.



AgVentive is an agricultural equipment startup company whose mission is to innovate solutions that increase grower profitability. AgVentive offers new and improved equipment solutions to fill the unmet needs of farmers, allowing them to achieve greater success.


Aequal Technologies

Aequal Technologies develops new nanotechnology-enabled technologies for the control of surfaces in a multitude of materials. Applications range from optics to engines to integrated electronics to MEMS. Aequal Technologies’ goal is to provide an integrated, scalable, cost-competitive, and technology-enabling set of tools to achieve complete control over the roughness of matter, down to the atom.

Cohort I


SAFI-Tech has invented small liquid metal filled balloons that can be broken to release the liquid metal, which then solidifies. The material can be applied as a paste or spray and by removing the heating/melting of the metal from the processing sensitive electronic materials and substrates can be electrically connected, 3D-printed, or repaired without heating, thereby making new products, lowering manufacturing costs, and decreasing energy use.



Structurely predictive real estate technologies help realtors, brokerages and associations craft more personalized home buying or selling experiences. To help decrease both the Realtor and their clients’ dissatisfaction with their technology, they are building a suite of advanced, data-driven tools to shape the next generation of real estate.


Gross-Wen Technologies

Gross-Wen Technologies (GWT) uses its patented wastewater treatment technology, known as the revolving algal biofilm system (RAB), to cost-effectively recover nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. Compared to other treatment options, GWT’s system is significantly more affordable and produces algae biomass which can be sold as a slow release algal fertilizer or bioplastic.


Smart Ag

Smart Ag is focused on one thing- Feeding the World Smarter. They are developing software and hardware which will enable farms to use and benefit from internet connected machinery, supervised and fully autonomous equipment, data to machine integration and advanced path planning.


Complex Computation

Incorporated in July 2015, Complex Computation had one goal in mind: build beautiful and elegant cross-platform tools for analyzing network data. Initially started by a professor and doctoral candidate, Mango was originally conceived to solve complex biological problems. Since its inception, Mango has evolved to support more than biological networks. Complex Computation’s goal as a business and with Mango is to be the ultimate solution for big data analysis.


Parametric Studio

Parametric’s first product, Davinci Flight, is an innovative 3-D multi-player game built around real engineering design and simulation tool to provide STEM enrichment in and out of classrooms.


Cygnet is a bike share company that provides a scalable solution for communities of all sizes.  With the ability to install 1 to 1,000 self-contained units, smaller communities, colleges and universities, hotels, and tourist attractions can provide a first class bike share system. This system allows greater flexibility and ease of use than the major competitors in the bike share market.


VariFAS Biorenewables, LLC

VariFAS Biorenewables LLC is a start-up company focused on developing scalable manufacturing platform to transform agricultural sugars. VariFAS’s MUFAs will promote innovations in lubricants not possible from petroleum-based raw materials, allowing the manufacturing and formulation of better-performance lubricants.


Cross Over, LLC

Concussions and traumatic brain injuries have become the center of a storm of discussion surrounding football and the NFL. Cross Over turns a wealth of medical, engineering, and professional athletic expertise to the development and distribution of a “Smart Helmet” – using integrated non-Newtonian materials and advanced impact mitigation/preemptive reaction technologies. Concepts tested and proven through this project can be adapted to a range of personal protection applications in sport, military, and medical arenas.