Coworking / LaunchSpace

Membership to the LaunchSpace is open to Startup Factory and Ag Startup Engine members and program graduates, as well as Research Park Affiliate Companies. Our facility provides:

Access to the Facility between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:30 pm Monday-Friday; 24/7 access is available for an additional fee

Free Internet access (subject to the Internet Access Policy)

Janitorial services twice per week

Opportunities to participate in special Startup Factory Network events and workshops


Ability to reserve and use conference rooms in the Facility

Access to kitchenette (equipped with refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave oven)

Depending on team size, memberships start at $250 per month, and certain discounts may apply. Companies interested in a membership should contact us for more details.

ISU Research Park

The ISU Research Park (ISURP) was founded to provide space and resources needed to advance science-based initiatives. Today, more than 90 companies own or rent space in the Research Park — a number that’s constantly growing. The Research Park works with businesses from a variety of industries to improve economic development in Ames, across the state, and nation wide.