Kris Johansen

Manager, Industry Relations in EDIR at ISU; Interim Director, ISU Startup Factory

Experience with biotech startups and actively involved with the innovation ecosystem in Iowa.

Dave Furbush

“Retired” with 30+ years of management consulting and program management experience. Volunteer mentor and investor at the Start-Up Factory. 

Linda Borst

Entrepreneur-in-Residence. ISU MAcc alumnus. CFO at PowerFilm, Inc. Experience offering financial/accounting assistance to tech companies. 

Brian Porter

Program Manager and Independent Consultant with Aureon Consulting – involved in Cohort IV, V, VI, VII and VIII.

Carol Kersey

Tim Neugent

Jeff Paxhia

Donna R.


Kevin Maher

Founder of GlobalVetLink, VetMeasure, and Maher Technologies. Actively involved in development of Ag Startup Engine. Involved in Cohort I, II, and III.

Milt Miloy

Management Consulting at Springboard Consulting & Capital. Involved in Cohort I and II.

Kate Lyon

General Counsel at EcoTech LLC. Involved in Cohort I.

Darin Heisterkamp

ISU Alumnus with years of experience creating international success for US small companies and startups. Involved in Cohort I, II, III, and IV.

Allen Bierbaum

VP of Technology at Priority5. Involved in Cohort I.

Steve Herrnstadt

Professor, Industrial Design and Fine Arts at Iowa State University. Involved in Cohort I.

Alison Doyle

Director of Marketing and Business Engagement – ISU Research Park

Kevin Kimle

Rastetter Chair of Agricultural Entrepreneurship at ISU & Director of the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. Involved in Cohort I, II, III.