Source: Silicon Prairie News

A special report done by Silicon Prairie News ranks Ames as the most dynamic community for startup activity in the Midwest.

Silicon Prairie News has a goal of improving the perception of the Midwest startup community and connecting entrepreneurs with investors, along with innovators with talent. Their hope is that this report will help achieve that goal by catching the attention of those unfamiliar with Silicon Prairie and leading its members toward growth and connectivity with one another.

According to the report, 5 communities from Iowa ranked in the top 14, that being the most communities for any other Midwestern state that is included in the ranking. The 14 communities are ranked by a per capita score and a RAW score. The RAW score simply ranks communities on all of its data points collected and gives an idea of the total size of the startup ecosystem. It is stated in the article that this is a more reliable ranking than the per capita score.

The full report is in three sections and provides context for the 14 communities, data commentary for each community directly from the survey, and general insight to Silicon Prairie and what they are doing.

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