The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has named the DRI-Stack™ system, a Haber Technologies, Inc. product, winner of a 2021 AE50 Award for innovation.

The DRI-Stack™ (Direct Routing Intelligence™), a smart grain drying and aeration system, has been named winner of a 2021 AE50 Award.

AMES, Iowa (January 20, 2021) – The Iowa State University Startup Factory today announced that the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has named the DRI-Stack™ (Direct Routing Intelligence™) system, a Haber Technologies, Inc. product, winner of a 2021 AE50 Award.

The DRI-Stack system, an innovative grain drying and aeration technology, was one of 51 outstanding products selected by the ASABE to represent the best innovations in engineering and technology for agricultural, food, and biological systems of 2021.

Award winners will be recognized in a virtual presentation Feb. 9 during the Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference.

“We are very excited to receive this recognition for our DRI-Stack system from the ASABE,” said Haber Technologies Co-founder and CTO Eric Harweger. “Obtaining this recognition is a huge validation — it underscores not only the engineering advancements we’ve made, but also, our investment in and commitment to developing a system which meets the demands of the 21st century farm.”

Harweger said the DRI-Stack provides a new way to solve the world-wide challenges associated with grain drying and storage management.

“While most of the industry has focused on increasing yield, our DRI-Stack system focuses on post-harvest management, protecting those yields that the rest of the industry has fought so hard to produce,” he said.

The annual AE50 Awards competition is sponsored by Resource magazine, published by ASABE.

To be eligible for an award, products or systems technologies must have been introduced and made commercially available in calendar year 2020. Products or systems nominated must be intended principally for use in the production, processing, research, storage, packaging or transportation of agricultural and food products, and have the potential for broad impact.


DRI-Stack, ‘the future of grain drying and aeration’

The patent-pending, DRI-Stack™ system is an intelligent air delivery system that speeds grain drying, reduces energy use and improves grain quality. According to Harweger, the system allows farmers to get precise air path control in grain bins and dry high-moisture corn in less time, while using less energy and reducing handling time and damage. Using only ambient air, the system can handle 25% moisture corn, he said.

“The DRI-Stack allows farmers to de-risk harvest and storage, save energy and take advantage of an earlier harvest window with faster, no-heat drying,” Harweger said. “And, by harvesting earlier and drying faster without high heat, the DRI-Stack system can increase both yield per acre and grade of corn.”

“Our DRI-Stack system addresses widespread post-harvest management challenges faced by Iowa’s farmers like the propane shortages seen in 2019 or the price volatility seen this year,” said Haber Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Dillon Hurd. “If not dried properly, Iowa farmers risk spoilage of their corn harvest this spring which could result in serious social and economic issues such as food insecurity and lost income.”

Additionally, the impacts of weather variability can be felt across the post-harvest agricultural sector, Hurd said.

“Current corn prices highlight the benefits of having on-farm storage and the ability to maintain grain quality into the next year,” Hurd said. “With current prices, many farmers are looking for a more efficient solution to drying as they expand their capacity and look to replace or upgrade their drying and storage systems. For farmers who are also growing high value commodities, like organics or food grade corn, the ability to maintain high quality throughout the drying and storage process has become a key focus.”

View this video for a brief introduction to the new DRI-Stack system.

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